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Morning / Afternoon tea

$2.75 per item per person:

  • Afghans
  • Lime and coconut cookies
  • Chocolate chip biscuits
  • Almond shortbread
  • Melting moments
  • Mini carrot cakes
  • Mini muffins (savoury or sweet-2 per person)
  • Slices (chocolate brownie , almond ginger slice etc - see our  fingerfood lunch menu for full selection)
  • Fresh fruit platter


$3.00 per item per person:

  • Friands (lemon, blueberry etc)
  • Sweet scones (date, apple and cinnamon pinwheel etc)**
  • Savoury scones (cheesy, fresh herbs etc)
  • Sweet muffins (boysenberry and banana, citrus, double chocolate etc)
  • Bran or bran and apple muffins
  • Old fashioned raspberry jam cakes 
  • Fruit kebabs
  • Savoury muffins (spinach and feta, 3 cheese etc)
  • Savoury quiche (salami and artichoke, semi-dried tomato and olive etc)
  • Home-made sausage rolls
  • Palmiers (pesto or tapenade)
  • Creamy mushroom and ricotta pies
  • Savoury scrolls (ham and mustard, vegetarian etc)
  • Assorted club sandwiches
  • Mini croissants (ham and cheese, vegetarian etc)
  • Home-made foccacia bites with pesto and cherry tomatoes

(Muffins and scones served with butter and margarine)
**50c extra charge for jam and cream per person.


$30 (8 - 10 people)
$40 (12 -14 people)


(writing on cakes - $5 extra)


  • Rich chocolate cake
  • Banana espresso cake
  • Dark rich carrot cake
  • Yoghurt, lemon and almond cake
  • Orange Tunisian cake


All prices are GST exclusive